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Biomaterials play an important role in artificial organ replacement. These biomaterials are used as scaffolds for the tissue growth. One such materials is poly(?-caprolactone-co-lactide-co-glycolide) diacrylate (PCLLGA-DA), prepared by ring opening polymerization of lactide (LA), glycolide (GA) and ?- caprolactone (?-CL), diacrylation and photo polymerization. The photopolymerized polymer..

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The determinants of the obesity lie within the home and school environment and the overall sociocultural phenomena. Children are spending an alarmingly large part of their daily time on sedentary activities, mostly on television. Having minimal physical activity opportunities both at school and home and easier access to energy rich fast foods are the major determinants of obesity. All the..

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Challenging conventional notions that literary allegorism declined around 1600, Kenneth Borris reassesses the Renaissance relations between allegory and heroic poetry. He concentrates particularly on the major texts of Sidney, Spenser and Milton. Borris offers a fresh approach to the interaction of allegory with literary genres; focusing on epic, he further analyses the distinctive codes and..

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